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Hi-Lite Program
Serving Families in Grades K-8

Home Schooling is a voluntary alternative to classroom instruction available at no cost to families who reside in San Bernardino or adjoining counties. This educational program is designed to give parents the opportunity to directly supervise the academic instruction of their children in the home environment under the direct supervision of a credentialed teacher. All curriculum is California State standards-based and is consistent with Morongo Unified’s course of study and is not an alternative curriculum. The supervising teacher, parent and child sign the master agreement and work together to help ensure the child’s academic success.


Parent involvement and collaboration in a student's education is a key factor in the high rate of success for independent study students. Younger students need strong parental involvement. High school students need continued parental guidance as they develop increasing levels of self-discipline. Successful families in our program plan on an enrollment of at least one semester and meet the following expectations:

  • Students who can work well individually and/or with one-to-one instruction.
  • Parents who can provide their K-8 child with at least 4 hours of supervised instruction daily.
  • K-8 parents who will create and implement weekly lessons based on teacher assignments.
  • K-8 parents who feel confident teaching in all subject areas and who will maintain a weekly activity log.

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  • Home School 101 (FAQ)


    Select one of the fourteen topics below to access information and answer questions.

    What are the benefits of homeschooling?

    Homeschooling is a wonderful way to individualize your child’s learning while building meaningful relationships within your family. There is flexibility in scheduling which allows for activities and learning opportunities that enhance your child’s academic achievement, reflect their interests and learning styles, and provide a more meaningful and personalized approach to education.

    Do I need special training to homeschool my children?

    No. Remember, you were your child’s first teacher! HI-Lite provides student editions and support from caring credentialed teachers who will help you each step of the way. We also offer workshops for parents, which provide teaching and lesson plan ideas. Additionally, we provide our website page which is filled with lesson plan and teaching ideas!

    How much time do we need to spend on school each day?

    You need to spend as much time as your child would spend in direct instruction in a traditional classroom. The number of minutes per day recommended by the state of California for students schooling at home is 3-1/2 hours for kindergarten, 4-1/2 hours each day for students in 1st – 3rd grade, and 5 hours per day for 4th – 8th graders. Remember that your day is flexible, so you can provide instruction all at once or throughout the day.

    How much does your program cost?

    We are tuition-free public school. All materials are provided free-of-charge.

    Is curriculum included?

    Yes, we provide student editions of our core curriculum, as well as a variety of support materials. Parents are responsible to pay only for lost or damaged materials.

    Can we choose our own curriculum?

    Parents are allowed to purchase their own curriculum, as long as the academic plan follows the California Content Standards for their child’s grade.(The standards can be seen at These standards provide a road map for each grade level and assure that students master content in a sequential and purposeful way, without leaving gaps.

    How will I know if I am doing a good job?
    You will partner with a HI-Lite teacher who will guide you and help you in assessing your child's academic progress on a monthly basis. Also, our curriculum includes testing and assessment materials. You are not alone when you homeschool with us. Our caring, credentialed teachers will partner with you to maximize your child's learning and help you create meaningful, interesting lessons!

    Will my child have the opportunity to socialize and make friends?

    Parents at HI-Lite, the Military Semper-Fit Program and the community also organize Park Days and other events that allow students and parents to socialize informally. We encourage families to take advantage of these classes and activities!

    How often do I meet with my Hi-Lite teacher?

    Families meet with their HI-Lite teachers weekly to go over the previous week’s work, to turn in work samples, and to set goals for the next week. More frequent contact by phone, email or in person is always available.

    What about classes and tutoring?
    Each Student Success Center offers a variety of classes and workshops each month. These are supplemental to the direct teaching done by the parent at home. Additionally, tutoring is available to help students who are struggling to reach academic goals as identified by the parent and the teacher.

    What about State testing?

    We give the state tests each spring. In March, our 4th and 7th graders take the STAR writing test and in early May, our 2nd – 8th grade students take the Smarter-Balanced. We require families to participate because the results from these tests provide the parent and teacher with important academic information used to set future academic goals. The results are also used by HI-Lite in planning classes and selecting curriculum as a program.

    What if we want to take a vacation during the school year?

    The flexibility of homeschooling provides families the opportunity to travel during the school year. We see these trips as wonderful learning experiences and encourage our families to work with their teachers to create a lesson plan around the trip that maximizes the experience and makes learning meaningful!

    Will my child be behind if he goes back to school?

    Our textbooks are state adopted and our adherence to the CA State Content Standards ensures that our students are keeping up with their peers in traditional public schools.

    How do I get started?

    Please look at the two locations at the bottom of each page of our website and call the site most convenient for you. They will answer your questions and help you decide if HI-Lite is a good academic option for you.

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