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Program Specific Information:

This information is presented to summarize important information for our parents’ students and home schooling community. We hope it will familiarize you with our program’s policies and procedures and provide you with an overview of who we are and what we offer to our families.
We encourage you to call or visit either of our offices.

Student Achievement Center Goals

The primary goal of the Student Achievement Centers is to expand the cooperative effort between students, parents, and teachers. We strive to encourage students to become successful, independent, and responsible life-long learners. The purpose of the Student Achievement Centers is to create a partnership between parents, students, teachers, and the community that will:

  • Inspire students in grades K - 12 to learn and grow to their potential.
  • Equip parents to be the most effective teachers of their children.
  • Provide the community with a viable, public, home-based instructional option.
  • We seek to support this partnership by . . .

  • Developing an individualized learning plan for each student.
  • Establishing goals to maximize each student’s unique strengths, talents, and abilities.
  • Providing resource materials and enrichment opportunities to support student learning.
  • Providing parents with support and guidance, to successfully meet the individual academic needs of their students.
  • Program Information


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    Independent Continuing Education (ICE Program) welcomed our first students August of 2002, under the supervision of the Morongo Unified School District. Since that time, we have grown to serve more than 250 students per year. Approximately 1,200 students have graduated as a direct result of their enrollment in The ICE Program. Since our inception, the Program has been modified to better serve our families. We are now The Student Achievement Centers. HI-LITE Program (Home Instruction – Learning Is a Team Effort) serves families educating students in grades K-8. The ICE Program serves students in grades 9 – 12.

    Program Policies
  • Admission will require an initial interview, student assessment criteria, and the written agreement signed by the student, parent, and a Student Achievement Center teacher.

  • All students are enrolled in HI-LITE/ICE with their School of Residence. This is typically the neighborhood school. If you move during the school year, please notify your program site.

  • There must be a parent or designated adult with the student during the school day to provide the student’s educational program. The Clean Sweep Program is enforced throughout the basin.

  • All students entering HI-LITE/ICE must have an updated immunization record which must be submitted before enrolling in their school of record. A health checkup may be completed up to 18 months prior to entry into first grade. It is recommended to have the exam completed by Kindergarten entry. Kindergarten students and students entering a California public school for the first time must present a birth certificate or other valid proof of age. These documents may also be requested from a previous school. Shot record and residency confirmation is completed by the school of record.

  • An Oral Health Exam is required of kindergarteners, as well as first graders entering a California public school for the first time.

  • Our well-qualified teachers are able to provide for students with minor learning problems. However, students identified as qualifying for Special Education who have an active Individualized Educational Program (IEP) may enroll with HI-LITE/ICE only if their IEP specifically provides for that enrollment. Enrollment will be based upon the determination of the IEP team at the school of record, or the District office, that HI-LITE/ICE is an appropriate placement for the student. A HI-LITE/ICE educational liaison needs to attend the IEP to help the team understand the benefits of the program.

  • HI-LITE/ICE is committed to individualizing instruction for each student. Methodologies may vary from the complete integration of all subjects into thematic units, to the individual presentation of each subject area. The types and variety of direct assistance, monitoring, and evaluation desired and necessary also vary with each student and family.

  • Students enrolled in HI-LITE/ICE are permitted to attend private tutorial centers or supplemental and enrichment classes as long as HI-LITE/ICE is the program of enrollment and the school of record remains the same as the school of enrollment.

  • Students may participate in sports teams, extra-curricular activities, dances and classes at their school of record provided all requirements are met.
  • Because of the unique partnership between parent, teacher, and student that is fundamental to HI-LITE/ICE, parents must be able to meet with the teacher as required to ensure maximum student success. This may involve weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings (based on individual needs). Parents must be able to provide transportation to the site indicated on the master agreement.
  • Continued enrollment in HI-LITE/ICE is based on compliance with all policies set forth in the master agreement and includes the mutual agreement between the parent, student, and teacher that HI-LITE/ICE is an appropriate and successful placement for the student.
  • Enrollment Procedures

    Contact the Student Achievement Center office nearest you for more detailed information about our program, as well as information regarding enrollment procedures. (Please see the home page for locations and phone numbers.) We will be happy to talk to you about our program and your child’s individual needs to determine if HI-LITE/ICE is a good placement for your student.

    Our website has the needed forms for enrollment and other helpful information.

    Attendance/Student Work

    Attendance in HI-LITE/ICE is based on the assigned work that students complete in each attendance period. It must be the work done during that particular period by the student. All of the student work is submitted each period in order for the student to receive attendance credit for work done at home. There are no excused absences in HI-LITE/ICE.

    Examples of work may include workbook pages, chapter tests, creative writing, book reports, projects, activities, pictures of special projects, written reports or tests, oral presentations, or any other work done in each subject area. Academic credit can be given only when a student’s supervising teacher has verified the work as completed, and the meeting has been held. No attendance credit can be given unless work completion is verified on time.

    Curriculum and Instructional Materials

    The curriculum is organized as a balanced program of learning experiences with emphasis on the basic skills. The curriculum is consistent with the California State Standards, policies, and requirements. Master assignments covering all subject areas are issued to parents at the time of enrollment. The use of supplemental materials which go beyond the basic, core curriculum, either philosophically or religiously, is a private concern or is viewed as over and above the independent study agreement.

    Textbooks and Instructional Materials

    HI-LITE/ICE teachers set high standards to ensure that assignments are rigorous and equal in quality and quantity as in the traditional program. Textbooks and materials are available to each student to support a complete and comprehensive instructional program for grades K - 12. Textbook adoptions are conducted on the same cycle as Morongo Unified School District in order to provide current materials that are in compliance with state model curriculum guidelines and the California State Standards. Both consumable materials (to be written in and “consumed” by the students) and non-consumable materials (items that can be re-used by other parents or students) are checked out to each student. All materials must be returned to the school of record at the end of each school year or at the time of withdrawal from the program. Parents agree to pay for all lost or damaged material.

    State Content Standards

    All instruction aligns with the California State Content Standards, which include the new Common Core State Standards in English-Language Arts and Mathematics. These standards are available on the CDE website at:


    In addition to regular contact and meetings, formal conferences between the parent, student, and supervising teacher may be scheduled. Parents may set an appointment with the teacher to discuss the student’s progress and to clarify any questions they may have. Informal conferences are held as needed, either in person, by telephone, or via email.


    Progress reports and Report Cards are maintained at the school of record by the HI-LITE/ICE certificated teacher. Evaluation of student’s work is based on grade level expectations according to California State Standards. Standardized testing is an evaluation strategy used by HI-LITE/ICE in the spring of each school year for Grades 3-8 &11. All students in Grades 3-11 are required to take the standardized testing. This is a series of California State Standards-based tests to measure achievement in the basic skills, i.e. vocabulary, reading, spelling, language, mathematics, and in Grades 5, 7, and 8, content mastery. Students in Grades 3 - 8 & 11 may be scheduled to take the test in a group setting by grade level. These tests are given at each HI-LITE/ICE site office or their school of record. When selecting a testing environment, HI-LITE/ICE teachers are sensitive to the needs of each student. Test results are mailed to the parents in the summer. Standardized test results are not used for progress report or report card grades.


    Withdrawal from HI-LITE/ICE can occur at any time during the school year. If a parent wishes to withdraw their child from HI-LITE/ICE, they must notify their teacher, schedule a final conference, and return all materials. Staff will make every effort to facilitate the student’s transition to their school of record. A transcript of their attendance and grades to date will be forwarded to the new school. A student may also be withdrawn if the parent or student fails to comply with the terms of the enrollment agreement. Parents are notified in advance if their child is at risk of being exited due to non-compliance. There are no excused absences in the HI-LITE/ICE Programs.

    Site Rules

    • All campuses in Morongo Unified School District observe NO SMOKING policies.
    • Students should arrive at all scheduled meetings, classes, or events on time.
    • Staff and parents will be partners in ensuring that all children display appropriate and respectful behavior.
    • Please be respectful of “staff only” areas and teacher offices. Staff will be happy to assist you in locating needed resource materials.
    • It is unlawful to paint, draw, or mark graffiti on or in the facilities at any site. Parents will be liable for the cost of graffiti removal.

    Program Highlights

    Credentialed Teachers - HI-LITE/ICE is based on a partnership between a credentialed teacher, the parents, and the student. The teacher’s role is to assist parents and provide general supervision to the individualized academic plan for each student. Each teacher in the HI-LITE/ICE Programs have all required credentials and are rated as Highly Qualified Teachers in the subject areas in which they teach.

    Each site has a computer lab, which is open each week for most of the school year. We have a variety of computer programs which can meet the needs and interest levels of students from K - 12th grade. We encourage you to come in and take advantage of this learning opportunity. There will be a staff member nearby to assist and instruct your child. Please, no gum, food, or drinks in the computer room. Please consider the computer lab a regular learning center classroom.