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Student Achievement Centers

Morongo Unified School District Student Achievement Centers offers two programs to our home schooling communities.

HI-LITE: Home Instruction - Learning Is a Team Effort
Serving Kindergarten through eighth grades students whose families choose to home-educate their children.

ICE: Independent Continuing Education
Serving students in Grades 9 – 12, who are ready for a more Independent Study based education.

Morongo Unified School District’s Student Achievement Centers are here to serve students, parents and families who choose to educate their child in a home environment. We believe a strong family, student and staff collaboration leads to a superior academic experience.

The Hi-Lite Program and I.C.E. recognize that all students can learn. Our goal is to motivate and prepare students whose needs are not met by traditional school settings to become productive members of society. We believe all students can be successful, creative, and confident if provided an educational environment that is positive, recognizes individual differences and holds high expectations for achievement and behavior.

We are committed to working with your child to help provide a personal sense of enthusiasm and responsibility towards your Childs’ own education. Each credentialed teacher encourages students’ intellectual growth through individualized learning plans. The lessons are student centered and academically challenging. We are whole-child motivated and sensitive to each child’s learning style and each family’s philosophy. We encourage civic values and responsibility through lessons that are socially nurturing.

Information for 2020-2021 School year is available

If you are interested in enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year - please read the information from link provided above, and follow the instructions for new or returning students.
Acceptance considerations:

  • Agrees to work at or towards grade-level requirements.
  • Indicates they want to participate in the Hi-Lite Program or Independent Continuing Education.
  • Parents:
  • Agree to take responsibility for daily instruction and supervision of their children, under the supervision of the HI-Lite Teacher.
  • Must possess English proficiency necessary to instruct their child in English.
  • Agree to close and consistent communication with HI-Lite teacher.
  • Have means necessary to attend meetings with their HI-Lite teacher.
  • If the child has an IEP, the placement in home schooling/independent study must be written in to their IEP.
  • When considering placement in the Program, staff of the Student Achievement Centers will look at the needs of the whole student and review the indicators for success, as well as any challenges they may face.

    Note: All retention and promotion decisions made by the student’s school of residence will be honored by Student Achievement Centers.

    Our Mission

    The Student Achievement Center - Hi-Lite and ICE Program
    exist so we may provide a nurturing, yet rigorous, academically strong program designed for the homeschooling family or independent study student to experience academic success today and in the future. We believe all students can be successful, productive, and confident if provided an educational environment that is positive, recognizes individual differences and holds high expectations for achievement and behavior. We work to cultivate students who possess a love of learning to become productive members of society.

    Our Commmittment

    We are committed to providing a positive learning environment that:

  • Empowers students to take ownership and develop a personal sense of responsibility in their own education.
  • Encourages students' intellectual growth.
  • Is student-centered and academically challenging.
  • Is sensitive to varied learning styles.
  • Is emotionally and socially nurturing to all participants.
  • Is conducive to safe and supportive learning.
  • Promotes community.

    Student Information System

    Morongo Unified School District changed to a new Student Information System this year. A Portal for student access has recently opened for students to view their grades, take online assessments, and view attendance. The Student Portal can be found at We are currently asking parents and guardians to work with their students through the Student Portal until the Parent Portal becomes operational.

    The District is close to completing the Parent Portal configuration for parents to view their students’ current grades and attendance. The new Parent Portal will offer more detailed information about students’ class progress and assignments. In the future the District will be mailing out access codes to allow parents to create portal accounts. The link to the new Parent Portal can be found at A link to each portal will be available on the MUSD website as well as on each school’s webpage. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused.

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    I.C.E and Hi-Lite Programs
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